Photo of me, Wanda, with my husband Mohan in Bogotá, Colombia.

Vegan Peace

Vegan Peace wants to inspire people to strive towards a more peaceful world where animal and human rights are respected and honored. The Vegan Peace website focuses a lot on animal rights, since animals aren't even granted the basic right to live. Animals are sentient beings and should not be treated as our property.

Whether we want to contribute to the harm caused to animals is a choice we make with every meal we consume. Our current eating habits are causing the deaths of billions of animals and the destruction of our planet's ecosystem. I believe that veganism is the ideal situation for this planet and everyone that inhabits it.

About Me

Vegan Peace was created by me, Wanda Embar.

I was born in Leiden, the Netherlands. I became vegetarian around 1985, by following my older sister's example. In 1990 I became vegan after reading about the suffering dairy cows go through. That's when I realized how connected the meat and dairy industry are. Veganism means a lot to me, because it is about limiting the suffering we ourselves cause to animals.

I met my husband Mohan at a Vegan Festival in the Netherlands in 1990. In 1992 we moved to Toulouse, France, where we lived until 1995. We then moved to Wisconsin, U.S.A., where I started working as a computer programmer. I love cooking yummy vegan food, reading, programming, photography, traveling and learning languages. I currently reside in California.


You might have noticed an ad for PolyTripper on many of the pages of this website. It's the only ad you'll see on Vegan Peace. I've always turned down all offers from companies to place their ads on my website. I've made an exception for PolyTripper, because it's a company I started together with my husband. We both love languages. Mohan speaks 9 languages and I speak 5. PolyTripper has lots of free language learning games, exercises and resources and you can also take private online lessons with native teachers from all over the world. We've completely developed it together, so it's a very personal project. And since we're both vegan, it's a 100% vegan-owned company. I hope you'll come take a look or mention PolyTripper to any of your friends who are learning a language.

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