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Choose life over death, kindness over killing.

Choose life over death,

kindness over killing.

Most people never consciously make the choice to consume animal products. They are given meat, dairy and eggs their whole childhood, without ever questioning it. There are no school outings to the slaughterhouse or to factory farms, so children don't fully realize what they are eating. A piece of steak doesn't come with a picture of the cow who was killed for it.

All animal products are linked to suffering. If you want to contribute as little as possible to that suffering, staying away from them is the best way. You don't necessarily have to become an animal activist and hold up banners in front of a slaughterhouse. You can make a huge change for these animals, just by choosing not to contribute to their suffering.

Childhood Memory by Michael Klaper

The very saddest sound in all my memory was burned into my awareness at age five on my uncle's dairy farm in Wisconsin. A cow had given birth to a beautiful male calf. The mother was allowed to nurse her calf but for a single night. On the second day after birth, my uncle took the calf from the mother and placed him in the veal pen in the barn - only ten yards away, in plain view of the mother. The mother cow could see her infant, smell him, hear him, but could not touch him, comfort him, or nurse him. The heartrending bellows that she poured forth - minute after minute, hour after hour, for five long days - were excruciating to listen to. They are the most poignant and painful auditory memories I carry in my brain.

Since that age, whenever I hear anyone postulate that animals cannot feel emotions, I need only to replay that torturous sound in my memory of that mother cow crying her bovine heart out to her infant. Mother's love knows no species barriers, and I believe that all people who are vegans in their hearts and souls know that to be true.

-- Michael Klaper, M.D.